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          • Making a folder on network share

            Hi All Is it passible to make a Network share / folder?
          • Using REST API to delete computer account

            I'm trying to find an easy way to make a call to delete a Computer Account. From what I can see, I can create a workflow request to delete the computer account. Though it needs to be approved. Unless there is a way to auto-approve a workflow. 
          • ADmanager - Domain Configuration - Status The user/system has no admin privilege

            Hello everyone. I created a service account to use the admanager app. In Domain Settings appears the legend "the user/system has no admin privilege".  I had this manual and
          • AD360 intigration

            Hi all. I initially installed and configured AD Manager Plus. Then, installed AD360 to trial it. When AD360 was uninstalled, its sub menu was still present in AD Manager. Anyone ever see this or have any idea how to remove it?