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                        • Unable to delete a created/custom user report in AD manager plus

                          Hi, I used Ad Manager Plus to create a user group report. I emailed myself the report but never technically saved it (I assumed it auto-saved). however now whenever I attempt to create a new user report the search criteria and results are already pre-populated
                        • Agente do Manage Engine

                          Gostaria de saber como selecionados se o Agente do Manage Engine está ativo na máquina? Como faço para ativar o alerta do Manage Engine na máquina para monitorar quando ele for desativado?
                        • Scheduled Group Report - Multiple Groups

                          I'm trying to create a scheduled report listing the group members of 10 groups I would like the report to list each group with it's members The only way i have been able to do this is with 10 separate scheduled reports. is there a more efficient way of
                        • Ad manager | replication error | error code 1808 and 1726

                          AD Manager , Domain Controller replication, error code 1808 1726
                        • ADManager keeps signing off even though session expiry time is set to never

                          the ADManager keeps signing off a user after a random time of not using it in the browser - even though session expiry time is set to never under admin-settings for the user. It happens to all our users, and it is a random amount of time after this happens.