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            • Im having trouble setting a automation to run on an hourly basis

              Hello i want an automation run every hour on the hour . I used the excutim to run at custom and Every 60 minutes,from 2024-01-22 01:00. Would this be correct?
            • AdManager Search user return disabled or expired status?

              I see the API to return an AD user at , though i seem to be unable to return the account status or expiry date when querying this endpoint. How do i fetch this information
            • Updating DepartmentNumber field

              Hi, We have a SAP SuccessFactor CSV export with details needed import ta AD. Automation is correctly configured and for new employees works without any problem. But for existing employees it does not update DepartmentNumber AD field after employee changes
            • Login Page Loading is Too Slow!

              Hi Friends, when I want to reload Login Page in ADManager it take too long for reloading. About 20 Seconds! even on Loaclhost in server browser. But after Reloading everything is OK! I have tested this issue in different browsers and in HTTP or HTTPS
            • Report on Custom AD Object for Specops

              Hi, We are using Specops for managing passwords with varied expiry for variable password lengths. They store the information in a custom AD container within the User object. The password information is then in an attribute called flags within the specops-spp-pwdHistory