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                        • active directory -attribute sync timing?

                          Understanding User Sync Speed in Ad Manager Hi everyone! I recently noticed something interesting in Ad Manager. When I update certain user attributes in Active Directory (AD), like email addresses, they seem to appear in Ad Manager almost instantly.
                        • AD entegrated Custom Dynamic Group

                          Hello Everyone, First of all i am new here and english is not my first language so i am sorry for wrong spellings in my writing. My question is; I need to create a custom dynamic computer group using with script. I can get users sam account name with
                        • Account Type - what is ADManager designed to use?

                          Hi - what would you say ADManager was designed to use as the preferred attribute to identify the type of account in its dataset? ie, svc account vs. test account vs. employee? Some features (workflows, automations etc...) leverage common attributes easy
                        • Effects in a domain of taking ADManage Plus and ADAudit Plus offline

                          So I need to upgrade ADManage Plus and ADAudit Plus to the latest versions, we're a couple versions behind but I've never done it before. This is a 24/7 kind of place and I can have no downtime without a good reason (and an explaination). I need to do
                        • I considering replacement older OpManager to new one.

                          I considering replacement older OpManager to new one. Please let me know the following information for consideration. 1) Could you please tell me the specific steps to migrate the alert data and performance data from the old OpManager (version 12.4) to