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          • How do I create a task based on password last set date

            I know where to create the task and generally what to look for, but I don't see any option that would suffice for our situation. We want to utlize the "Password Reports" with "Users with Change Password at Next Logon".  We then want to use the "Refine
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            ​  Hello, Thank you for the amazing support and encouragement that you extended to ADManager Plus online workshops. Based on requests from many of our customers, we are starting a new series of workshops.   Register now Nov 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18  at 10am
          • Feature Request

            It would be extremely helpful if the AuditReport that gets sent via email when creating a new user account would include the new users AD Group Memberships that they were assigned to upon creation.
          • report historical logon/logoff users

            I would like to set up a log that stores all user logins and logoffs of the domain, not just the last one. Is it possible?
          • Why do only some fields from AD have format validation

            Eg the Mobile field does, as does Telephone number, but E-mail and Zip/Postal code don't? Is there any way to change that> Thanks in advance Paul