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            • Folder name change

              A folder name may have been changed in the last few months. It's an active server. The folder is currently named 'm'. There are files within this folder that go back a few years. How would I go about learning if it was formerly named something else and
            • Audit policy Information is inconsistent

              In AD Audit you have the ability to check the Audit Policy Status. (https://adaudit.server.internal/#/admin/rsop) This indicates what is required. If you follow the link on a report to troubleshoot missing data you get taken to the help files where a
            • ADAudit and Netapp ONTAPI (ZAPI) EOL.

              NetApp are in the process of phasing out their old ONTAPI (ZAPI). ONTAP 9.13.1 software will be the final version to offer normal support of ONTAPI. ONTAPI access re-enablement will not be supported on ONTAP 9.18.1 As ADAudit uses ZAPI (We do need to
            • ADAudit and NetApp least privilege

              When configuring ADaudit to connect to a Netapp filer, we need to create an account on the NetApp first. In your guide it indicates that the user needs admin role. This grants full read/write access to the API. We wish to create a specific role for ADaudit
            • ADAudit Plus Won't Start After Update 7220

              Hello; I update my ADAudit Plus version 7.0.6 (Built:7060) to the latest version to 7220 with the guide referenced link: Download ADAudit Plus Service Pack and enjoy the new product with added audit features ( After update process finished,