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                        • Sync Device Templates

                          Hi ALL I try sync Device Template from ME side and have issue: Authorization failure. Please contact our support team at for further assistance.
                        • Build No 128168

                          Build No 128168 - February 27, 2024 OpManager: Around 20 device templates with basic monitors have been newly added for a wider support of device models during device discovery. where i can find list of this templates ?
                        • Can't add MSSQL Monitor

                          Hello, I cannot add MSSQL Monitor to my blank VM WMI is working properly I installed a fresh instance of MSSQL there user = local user[admin] with assigned permissions in OpManager [which work because WMI works] When trying to add a Monitor, an error
                        • [White paper] How is IPAM helping simplify modern networking needs?

                          Ever feel like you're constantly playing catch-up with your network? AI, IoT, digital transformation, and hybrid networking are causing a huge influx of data, applications, and devices into your network, and now more than ever. This can make your network
                        • Exclude LocalAdmin acct from 2fa

                          The local admin acct needs to be excluded from the 2FA requirement for operational reasons. We utilize that acct as a breakglass acct so it's not really feasible to have a single engineer with the key.